Innovations in
Machine Intelligence

Natural Principles and Artificial Models


Innovations in Machine Intelligence (IMI) is an international journal with a focus on Intelligence Science in both natural and artificial systems. Intelligence science disciplines including AI, cognitive neuroscience, and artificial life, have great potential to substantially improve society by making every individual benefit from a better quality of life and a more meaningful and balanced environment.

What is IMI?

IMI refers to the Japanese word 意味 (“imi”), which combines two ideograms meaning “mind, idea” and “taste, flavor” respectively when considered separately, and “meaning, significance” when combined.


The mission of the IMI journal is to gather both a deeper understanding of the natural principles of intelligence, and the innovations they inspire in terms of new artificial models and applications. From this perspective, “machine” is here taken as a synonym of “mechanism” – as both words share the same etymology – while “machine intelligence” is intelligence that can be scientifically studied through a reductionist approach on the one side, and a constructivist approach on the other.

However, this not only includes all underlying mechanisms of intelligence, but also every system beneficiary of intelligence. That is, notably, from the cognitive processes that subserve intelligence or that intelligence supports, to the behaviors that are demonstrative of intelligence and the methods to elicit or recreate them. In this aspect, such a domain of research may boost technological progress and modernize society as a double-edged sword with cutting-edge advances in both directions of mechanisms of intelligence, and intelligence in mechanisms.

The scope of IMI covers the following aspects of machine intelligence:

  • Fundamental research for understanding the underlying mechanisms of intelligence
  • Integration of intelligence, artificial life, cognitive science to frontier scientific and technological achievements
  • Moving toward a smarter and self-improving society

In a nutshell, the IMI effort aims to bring the science of intelligence close to technological innovation.

Call for Papers

With this purpose in mind, IMI invites the submission of quality research works in a continuously open call for peer reviewed evaluation for open access publication, free of charge for both the authors and audience of the Journal.

IMI will do its best to offer a timely peer review and provide an efficient publication process to help researchers in sharing their work and accessing other researchers' works to foster transdisciplinary research in the fields of intelligence science. Publications in IMI are Peer-reviewed, Open-access, Free of charge, Fast review (1st notifications within 3 weeks), under continuous open call for submissions.

IMI includes the following areas but not limited to:

  • Machine intelligence
  • Computational intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Learning systems
  • Natural language processing
  • Comprehension and cognitive processes
  • Informatics
  • Information theory
  • Multimedia
  • Video and image sequence analysis
  • Models and algorithms for signal/image processing
  • Content-based signal/image/video processing and analysis
  • Medical image analysis
  • Pattern analysis and recognition
  • Face and gesture recognition
  • Smart devices
  • Smart sensors
  • Robotics programming
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Fuzzy logic theory and application
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Healthcare systems and models, etc.


Manuscript guidelines based on the APA 6th edition. Templates can be found here:

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