July 3, 2019

Cross Roads #3 presents Dr. Antoine Pasquali

Dr. Antoine Pasquali, Cross Labs/Cross Compass Ltd., presented 'Machines, Brains, and Artificial Superintelligences' at Progress Technologies, Odaiba on July 5, 2019.

Cross Roads #3 presents Dr. Antoine Pasquali

Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence, bio-inspired models and algorithms haven’t stopped increasing both in efficacy and complexity. AI now gets to be introduced in every stratum of our modern society as machines are quickly closing the gap to human-level performance in a whole flock of tasks. As the line between AIs and brains becomes blurrier, we are faced with the greater challenge of understanding the basis of our own intelligence. Indeed, our general ability to solve unforeseen problems, learn and apply new concepts, seek novelty and never cease to create, is bound to the yet-to-be-understood neural and psychological mechanisms that support our metacognition and awareness. Unveiling these will open the new frontier of Super-AIs.

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