Tokyo & Kyoto
About Us
We’re hiring talented people in a variety of roles to join our teams in Tokyo and Kyoto. Our mission is to bridge the divide between intelligence science and AI technology at the service of human society. To achieve this, we're building a team of individuals whose interests cover a diverse range of intelligence science topics including artificial life, cognitive neuroscience, collective intelligence, deep learning, robotics, and computational linguistics.
Or continue these avenues of research at another institution after completing substantial work at Cross Labs. Ideal candidates will have:
  • Development of an advanced research program in intelligence science
  • Daily collaboration in a wildly interdisciplinary team
  • Scientific dissemination in publications and conferences
  • Strong collaboration with our applied research team
Although the requirements will differ depending on the research project, in addition to the criteria above, candidates should have:
  • A strong knowledge in mathematics or computer science
  • A very good understanding of artificial intelligence and deep learning theory
  • Experience reading and writing academic papers
  • Programming skills in Python, R, C++, or Haskell, and Linux experience
Our researchers must be ready to collaborate closely with any of our affiliated research centers and academic institutions, including the University of Tokyo, the Earth-Life Science Institute (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Riken, and Hokkaido University. Students may be able to obtain academic degrees through their research at Cross Labs, in co-supervision with our research partners at universities. Please mention your interest in case you are a prospective student.
Please email us via the button below, or send an email to, attaching a recent CV detailing your academic record and programming experience, a research statement (1 or 2 pages), and up to two references (name and emails only at this stage).

We sincerely thank you for your interest in Cross Labs.
At Cross Labs, we value diversity of experience, knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives and harness these qualities to create extraordinary impact. We are committed to equal employment opportunity.