A research institute for the fundamental principles of intelligence.

Founded by Cross Compass in the spring of 2019, Cross Labs seeks to uncover the mathematical bases of all intelligent processes, observable both in nature and in artificial environments. By acquiring this understanding, Cross Labs aims to design new tools to solve problems in the industry, thus bridging the gap between industrial and academic research, by promoting fundamental and applied science in connection with the technological needs of future society.

AI improving life in our society

Cross Labs is at the edge of a huge technological step, with applications quickly changing the dynamics of life in society. As we are facing a shortage of labor force in the industry, the advent of Deep Learning brought a new set of solutions to the industrial scene. Our researchers create and adapt cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of products, increase productivity, and assist workers in the various contexts of manufacturing, robotics, medical, IoT, marketing, and finance.

Man is a machine: The brain has muscles for thinking as the legs have muscles for walking.

– Julien Offray de La Mettrie, French physician (1709-1751)

Beyond AI

In addition to bringing the latest research to society, Cross Labs devotes a special effort to keep innovating in AI technology. We take inspiration and integrate research from the many fields that tackle the phenomenon of intelligence: artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive neuroscience, artificial life, computer vision, natural language processing, and many other disciplines. By exploring intelligence from its very fundamental principles, we seek to invent new machine intelligences, unraveling new paths towards the achievement of an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

An active hub for Intelligence Science

From April 2019, Cross Labs’ mission pans across the academic and industrial research, to catalyze progress in intelligence science. Additionally to producing state-of-the-art research, we aim to consolidate a scientific hub in all intelligence sciences, gathering university labs, tech companies, and research institutions to collaborate on research projects, target workshops and scientific meetings. Cross Labs already partners with research efforts from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, Monash University, OIST, and GoodAI.

Our Team

Olaf Witkowski, PhD

Olaf Witkowski, PhD

Director of Research

Olaf is a Director of Research at Cross Labs, where he leads advanced research in machine intelligence, collective learning, and artificial life. As a scientist at Tokyo Institute of Technology, lecturer at the University of Tokyo, and regular visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, Olaf bridges academic research and technological innovation. He is a board member of the International Society for Artificial Life, and launched numerous start-up initiatives focusing on machine learning, the sciences of intelligence, and the future of AI.

Antoine Pasquali, PhD

Antoine Pasquali, PhD

Research Advisor

Antoine leads the development of technological innovations at Cross Compass as Board Director and Chief Technology Officer. His technical expertise lies in deep learning, cognitive neuroscience and developmental robotics, while he has accumulated over twenty years of experience in artificial intelligence. Antoine consolidates the company's technological vision and strategy, and ensures that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs.

Nicholas Guttenberg, PhD

Nicholas Guttenberg, PhD

Research Associate

Nicholas Guttenberg has a background in computational condensed matter physics, specializing in scaling and the emergence of patterns in complex systems such as turbulent flows, granular materials, swarms, evolutionary dynamics, and abstract chemistries with an emphasis on Origins of Life questions. Currently, Nicholas serves as a Research Associate at Cross Labs where he develops methods for multi-agent artificial intelligence informed by ideas from physics and complex systems. Specifically, Nicholas' interest is targeting invariances and symmetries and the focused engineering of emergent properties from interacting elements of learning processes. He is also affiliated with the Earth-Life Science Institute in Tokyo, and is part of an ongoing collaboration between Cross Compass and GoodAI in the Czech Republic.


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