From intelligence science to innovative technology

Cross Labs bridges the divide between intelligence science and AI technology at the service of human society


At Cross Labs, we focus on pushing fundamental research towards a thorough mathematical understanding of all intelligent processes observable both in nature and in artificial environments.

We’re focused on 6 major fields of intelligence science


Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Vision, Robotics, Information Theory, Optimization, Control Theory, Intrinsic Motivation, Natural Language Processing.


Consciousness, Enaction, Psychoinformatics, Knowledge Representation, Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology, Developmental Robotics, Higher Brain Function, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Human-Machine Interface.


Neuroinformatics, Brain Decoding, Brain-Machine Interface, Computational Neuroscience, Neuroanatomy, Neurocomputational Models of Social Functions, Human fMRI Experiments, Vision.


Biological Networks, Artificial Life, Open-Ended Evolution, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Game Theory, Agent-Based Modeling.


Complex Systems, Knowledge Discovery, Novelty Search, Computational Thermodynamics, Dynamical Systems, Self-Organized Criticality, Complex Networks, Information Theory, Category Theory.


Collective Intelligence, Swarm AI, Group Dynamics, Social Cognition, Network Theory, Distributed Machine Learning, Multiagent Simulation, Unconventional Computing.

Research Projects

Neuroscience of Intelligence


By understanding more about how the brain processes information, techniques from neuroscience...

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Theory of Agency & Learning


Moving on from deep learning, designing new AI paradigms will require better mathematics...

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Collective AI


We work towards the design of societies of AI agents that can truly parallelize their computation, learn collectively from each other...

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Our Team

With over three decades of combined experience, our leadership team is at the forefront of academic research and cutting-edge industrial solutions.

Antoine Pasquali

Antoine Pasquali, PhD

Research Director

Antoine's expertise lies in deep learning, cognitive neuroscience and developmental robotics.
Olaf Witkowski

Olaf Witkowski, PhD

Principal Investigator

Olaf's focus is in artificial life, natural language processing and swarm robotics.

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