We’re seeking ambitious, highly-skilled researchers to understand the mathematical bases of intelligence.

Interns working at Cross Labs

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We’re hiring talented people in a variety of roles to join our teams in Tokyo and Kyoto. Our mission is to bridge the divide between intelligence science and AI technology at the service of human society. To achieve this, we're building a team of individuals whose interests cover a diverse range of intelligence science topics including artificial life, cognitive neuroscience, collective intelligence, deep learning, robotics, and computational linguistics.

What We Look For

Ideal candidates share our excitement to understand the fundamental principles of intelligence, have a career interest in our core research questions and aim to eventually develop into a senior research fellow at Cross Labs, or continue these avenues of research at another institution after completing substantial work at Cross Labs. Ideal candidates will have:

  • Published research or patents in relevant fields
  • Enough background and knowledge of the literature to understand different parts of our research program and technical work as needed
  • A proactive research attitude, propensity toward teamwork and ability to generate productive new ideas for research directions
  • A formal degree or strong research experience in computer science or cognitive science  (strongly recommended)

Ideal candidates are:

  • Team players able to engage in collaborative work
  • Insightful and passionate about AI research
  • Insatiable learners

To demonstrate research ability, we recommend candidates aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrate a readiness to conduct and publish novel research relevant to Cross Labs’ research themes
  • Share previous concrete experiences fitting into one of our research projects
  • Before applying, attend one or more Cross Labs research or outreach activities, and talk to our research members

How to Apply

For all open positions, please send an email, attaching a recent CV detailing your academic record and programming experience, a research statement (1 or 2 pages), and up to two references (name and emails only at this stage) to jobs@crosslabs.org.

Advanced Research

AI Scientists

As an AI Scientist at Cross Labs, you will conduct research in a team of researchers in the heart of Tokyo or Kyoto, one of the most technologically, culturally, and intellectually active metropoles in the world. Your schedule will be very flexible – we focus on progress, not presence. Autonomous research initiatives are strongly encouraged, and you will be able to engage in a large variety of projects, with other researchers in the lab and a wide range of extended academic collaborators, depending on the current team efforts.

If selected, postdoctoral positions will start within 2022 or earlier. They are 1 year long, renewable each year up to 3 years. In certain cases, the tenure can be longer than 1 year, and possibly extend beyond the 3 years into a senior researcher position.

The main features of the job include:

  • Development of an advanced research program in intelligence science
  • Daily collaboration in a wildly interdisciplinary team
  • Scientific dissemination in publications and conferences
  • Strong collaboration with our applied research team


Our researchers must be ready to collaborate closely with any of our affiliated research centers and academic institutions, including the University of Tokyo, the Earth-Life Science Institute (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Riken, and Hokkaido University. Students may be able to obtain academic degrees through their research at Cross Labs, in co-supervision with our research partners at universities. Please mention your interest in case you are a prospective student.

Technical Skills

Although the requirements will differ depending on the research project, in addition to the criteria above, candidtaes should have:

  • A strong knowledge in mathematics or computer science
  • A very good understanding of artificial intelligence and deep learning theory
  • Experience reading and writing academic papers
  • Programming skills in Python, R, C++, or Haskell, and Linux experience
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People & Operations

Executive Assistant to the Director

We are seeking an executive assistant (EA) with highly organized skills, good sense of initiative to directly support the director's work by handling a diverse range of tasks to catalyze research, manage the administration strategy and sustain the our continued development.

The EA will directly support the director's role by handling a wide range of office responsibilities including managing partner and clients relations, organizing meetings, event planning, calendar management, designing and maintaining a complex filing system, general record keeping, assisting with travel arrangements, taking and summarizing meeting minutes, compiling executive reports, and accounting and bookkeeping.

Key skills include:

  • Native level in Japanese (strictly required)
  • Native level in English (strictly required)
  • Strong ability to adapt and learn
  • Discretion and trustworthiness: knowing how to properly deal with confidential information
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills in both English and Japanese
  • Excellent organizational skills and strong ability to multitask
  • Ability to be proactive and take the initiative
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Willingness to progress towards a chief research administrator, chief of staff or executive officer position
  • Experience working as an entrepreneur or in start-ups is a strong plus
  • Experience working in academic or corporate administration is a strong plus
  • Science or academic background is a plus (Master's degree or above preferred)
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Research Manager

We are seeking a research manager with highly organized skills, good sense of initiative, and strong ability to adapt and multitask. The research manager's mission will be to vitalize research activities of research scientists, improve the management of the institute's administration (including managing office equipment, planning meetings, and events), and strengthening the management of research and development.

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Junior Web Designer (Part-Time)

As a part-time Junior Web Designer at Cross Labs, you will work closely with our Designer, and team of researchers, to maintain and evolve our website and digital activities, including publishing semi-regular blog posts, assisting with digital asset creation, supplying graphics and art direction to our videographer, and assisting with social media communication and content.

Based in both Tokyo and Kyoto, some of the most technologically, culturally, and intellectually active metropoles in the world, our mission is to push the limits of human understanding of intelligence itself, and we’re looking for a passionate, collaborative designer that can help us build a digital presence to reflect that. This is a remote, part-time role, with flexible hours and a variable workload as we grow. We focus on progress, not presence. While your schedule will be very flexible, being based in Japan or working on JST is preferred for ease of collaboration.

Technical Skills

Ideal candidates will have:

  • A general understanding of Webflow, and/or basic HTML and CSS
  • A solid grasp of design basics
  • Some familiarity with either Figma or Sketch
  • Social media fluency

Not necessary but nice to have:

  • Copywriting skills
  • Some understanding of SEO
  • Familiarity or comfortable working with motion graphics

What We Look For

Ideal candidates believe that good design has purpose and intention, believe in the spirit of collaboration and learning, and believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • Team players able to engage in collaborative work
  • People passionate about building something new
  • Insatiable learners
  • A portfolio that showcases both thinking and visuals
  • Comfortable working end to end, from concept to execution

This role is also open to students and those seeking to gain experience in Webflow and web design in general. Above all, we focus on collaboration, passion, and spirit.

Please send an email, a link to your online portfolio, and up-to-date CV to jobs@crosslabs.org.

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Funding Categories

Undergraduates & Interns

We offer internships on a competitive basis with institutions with which Cross Labs has an ongoing collaboration for the specific topic of research. We accept undergraduate students for internships with funding from their home institution. Students may also receive support via the Japanese government’s Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship program. We also offer internships for students during their degree, from 3 to 6 months.

PhD Studentships

We select a number of PhD students to do their research at, or in collaboration with, Cross Labs. PhD degrees are available in collaboration with neighboring universities (TokyoTech, UTokyo, etc.), with which Cross Labs has established an agreement. As a competitive way to fund their PhDs, candidates may choose to go through the selection process to get a PhD scholarship from Cross Compass. This process should ideally be started a year or so in advance. In the absence of such a grant, it is up to Japanese PhD students to self-fund their doctoral research.

There are several competitive programs for the most talented graduate students to pick from:

Postdoctoral Positions

We have a number of postdoctoral positions fully funded by Cross Labs, attributed on a competitive base. Additionally, please be aware that there are several funding options by the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), that fully fund postdoctoral fellowships for overseas applicants. We recommend JSPS fellowships to candidates, as an easy way to maximize the chance of successful postdoc application to Cross Labs. Again, there are a number of country-specific programs, information about which can usually be found on that country’s embassy website. Prospective postdocs are invited to contact us with further questions. We may be able to offer specific advice and help direct them towards specific sources of funding, especially for situations out of the ordinary.

Senior Scientists

We welcome applications from senior scientists, both for permanent positions and sabbaticals/visiting fellowships. Please contact us directly for more information info@crosslabs.org


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