'ALife for Good' Accepted at ALife 2020

A workshop on how Artificial Life research can benefit all life on our planet!
By Cross Labs
March 10, 2020
An illustration of an ALIFE 2020 Montreal billboard on top of a factory.

We're proud to announce that our workshop 'ALife for Good' has been accepted by ALife Montreal.

The goal of this workshop is to ask 'How can Artificial Life research  benefit human society and enhance the life of all organisms on the planet?'.

Spanning half-day and divided in a series of 4 shorter sessions, we will host an open-ended discussion that begins to set objectives for consideration as end-goals, and for describing the means by which progress towards the goals can be monitored or assessed in making direct, concrete contributions towards the sustainability of Earth’s natural ecosystems.

ALife is the flagship conference of the International Society for Artificial Life. The theme of ALife 2020 is 'New Frontiers in AI: What can ALife offer AI?' and will be held virtually from July 13 to 18, 2020.