Cross Labs at ALIFE 2020

We're excited to host 'ALIFE for Social and Environmental Good' and participate in 'Hybrid Life III: Approaches to integrate biological, artificial and cognitive systems (Hybrid Life III)'.
By Cross Labs
July 13, 2020
An illustration of an ALIFE 2020 Montreal billboard on top of a factory.

This week we’re excited to be present at ALIFE 2020. We will co-organize the workshop ‘ALIFE for Social and Environmental Good’, as well as the special session ‘Hybrid Life III: Approaches to integrate biological, artificial and cognitive systems’, all virtually live from Montréal, Canada

Workshop: ALIFE for Social and Environmental Good

The aim for the workshop is the initiation of new means to encourage Artificial Life research towards sustained, positive impact with the potential to be felt beyond the field. This will be addressed via an open-ended discussion that begins to set objectives for consideration as end-goals, and for describing means by which progress towards the goals can be monitored or assessed.

For more details, visit the workshop website.

Special Session: Hybrid Life III: Approaches to Integrate Biological, Artificial and Cognitive Systems (Hybrid Life III)

Our goal is twofold, on the one hand to propose the application of artificial life methodologies to less traditional a-life areas, such as psychology, neuroscience and control engineering. On the other hand, we also work towards extending the list of standard a-life research areas to include topics from these disciplines. We thus welcome submissions from classical artificial life areas as well as less traditional areas that however share research questions related to the understanding of life and cognition.

For more details, visit the special session website.