Cross Roads #0

Interfaces for Human Robot Interaction

Dr. Wesley Chan, Monash University

April 3, 2019
Cross Compass, Tokyo
Dr. Wesley Chan presenting to the Cross Roads audience.

For the very first Cross Roads event, we had the chance to welcome Dr. Wesley Chan. A research fellow at Monash University who spoke about Interfaces for Human Robot Interaction.

About Wesley:

Wesley received his bachelor and master from the University of British Columbia, and his PhD from the University of Tokyo. His research interests include assistive robotics, human robot interaction, service/social robots, field robotics, and augmented/virtual reality. His experience includes conducting collaborative research with industry partners including General Motors, THK, German Aerospace Agency DLR, Postmates, and JDQ Systems, and competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge and Mohammed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge.

In this talk, Wesley presented some of his research related to building intuitive interfaces for safe and effective human robot interaction, including a study on haptic communication in object handovers, the development of a human-inspired handover controller for robots, an interactive framework for robots to learn handover grasp configurations, development of autonomous robots in shared spaces with humans for applications of sidewalk delivery and assist living, and the use of augmented reality for safe and intuitive robot programming and collaboration in manufacturing.

A huge thank you to Wesley for being our very first Cross Roads speaker, to everyone who came out to listen, learn and discuss, and to Cross Compass for hosting and sponsoring the event.