Cross Roads #13

Consciousness and Intelligence

July 3, 2020
YouTube Live
Dr. Ryota Kanai presents via YouTube Live

For our 13th installment of Cross Roads, we were thrilled to welcome Dr.Ryota Kanai. Ryota presented 'Consciousness and Intelligence' and kindly made his presentation available here (PDF 3.1Mb)

Ryoto's abstract:

What is the biological advantage of having consciousness? Functions of consciousness have been elusive due to the subjective nature of consciousness and ample empirical evidence showing the presence of many non-conscious cognitive performances in the human brain. Drawing upon empirical literature, we propose that a core function of consciousness be the ability to internally generate representations of events possibly detached from the current sensory input. Such representations are constructed by generative models learned through sensory-motor interactions with the environment.

Thank you to Ryota, everyone who attended from around the world, and to our sponsor Cross Compass.

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