Cross Roads #7

Altered Experiences of Realities

Keisuke Suzuki, University of Sussex

December 19, 2019
ELSI, Tokyo
Keisuke Suzuki from the University of Sussex at the podium

Keisuke Suzuki joined us for Cross Roads #7 to present Altered Experiences of Realities.

Keisuke's abstract:

Virtual reality has been used to simulate altered conscious experiences, e.g. the out-of-body experience, synesthesia, autistic perceptions etc. In this talk, Keisuke Suzuki introduced his research that uses virtual reality to explore disrupted experiences of reality, such as visual hallucinations, illusions of bodily-self, and delusions. Keisuke also discussed the possible mechanisms underlying the different types of experience realities (Perceptual Reality, Embodied Reality, and Belief of Reality).

Thanks to Keisuke for a min-bending presentation, everyone who came out on a very cold Friday night for the last Cross Roads of 2019, Cross Compass for their sponsorship, and ELSI for graciously hosting us.